Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Readers Who Only Kinda Read

You know, it would be sorta fair to let the entire Cassie Edwards thing die except that she still has fans who, for whatever reason, don't read much other than Cassie Edwards.

If they DID read anything else they surely would have bumped into... oh, I don't know... one of the thousands of threads on the internet about her plagiarism scandal. Or, perhaps, seen it on the news. Or read it in a newspaper.

Now, I admit to being one of the meanest bitches out there when it came to Cassie, and that's because I've always found her books racist and insulting. And because of this I was gleefully amused by her outing. And I will admit, I have never understood what kind of thinking person could want to read her racist, hateful, badly slopped together crap.

Now I know... and I've suspected it all along... they are only marginally literate.

Ok... yeah, that was mean. But how sharp can you be if you are still logging on to forums for readers to post "Any Other Cassie Edwards Fans?" And then, when the kerfuffle begins, to cite Janet Dailey as if she were some sort of "get out of busted free" clause.

I'm beginning to wonder if all these posts, along with the accusations of causing strokes and any manner of other moronic moronosity with a side order of twitwad sauce, are being posted by her sons.

That is all...

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Delia DeLeest said...

"First time in print...sort of"

ROTFL!!! I don't get it either. I guess I'd prefer to read the original article about black footed ferrets rather than have my sweet savage lover tell me about them while we're smoking our post-coital peace pipe

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