Monday, February 02, 2009

Dear MEN...

Dear Men,

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and you were the target audience for the majority of the ads shown. I, personally, think you are smart enough NOT to fall sucker to the Teleflora Ad, which I absolutely REFUSE to post here, giving them free advertising.

But if you missed the mean and nasty subtext, it was incredibly cruel and dissed the following:

romance readers
romance writers
cat lovers
people with imperfect bodies
and you (because it considers you stupid enough to find the ad funny)

So if you ever want to get laid again, don't buy TELEFLORA.

And if you DO... send them a nasty, honest, but completely smart-guy response on their blog:


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Trisha said...

Cannot disagree with ya on this one, and I love your labels.

Tara S Nichols said...

I have to go look up this Teleflora thing. I have one of those sensitive guys for a husband, so I'm curious what his reaction will be.

Sara Thacker said...

We didn't watch the game because we don't care for football and the add are sexmercials - focusing on sex to sell a product.

I did see the add after the game and thought, wow, I won't use telefloral.

Jacqueline said...

I’m very sorry that Teleflora offended you with the Super Bowl commercial.

Despite the fact that we have been around for 75 years, we are a small company and it was our sincere desire to break through the clutter with our advertising and support our network of 20,000 local florists around the country.



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