Thursday, January 15, 2009

Savage Exaggeration

In case your head was in a hole for an entire year, there's this thing involving Cassie Edwards being a big, fat, stealing scumbucket that happened in 2008. Since then Ms. Edwards continued to make money off other people's work, didn't apologize, blamed everyone else, and apparently had a massive stroke.

Not being her physician I can't possibly say how massive it was. I do know being a lying dirtbag is not a cause of strokes, nor is getting caught and denying it. I asked Ahmed, though, and he agrees that a mountain-sized guilt complex probably won't help with the stress during recovery. Given Ms. Edwards' habit of exaggerating and lying, I'm sceptical.

Anyway, in case you missed it, some wackjob fan blamed the Smart Bitches who broke the story. Click, enjoy, participate.

Hey, today is my mom and dad's anniversary, too! 49 years. And they didn't steal a second of them.

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