Thursday, January 22, 2009

The eSlick Has Arrived!!

It has arrived! Holiday-time Ahmed kept wanting to get me the Sony Ebook reader. I resisted, with a serious pinch in my heart. I still don't like the technology, size, and price on that item. Kindle is highway robbery and proprietary. My heart said yes but my soul and brain said NO. Enter the Foxit eSlick Reader... and OMG I am in love!

It's .4 inches thick. It plays MP3s, comes with the wonderful Foxit software that has been free forever, and will convert virtually anything you can read into a PDF file. Text can be adjusted for size. If you buy it before January 31st and enter the promo code pcworld01 it will only be $219.99. Check it out here:

Foxit eSlick Reader

This puppy is simple, streamlined, and weighs less than most paperbacks. It also comes with a 2GB SD card and earphones. Imagine sitting on a long drive to... err, say Nova Scotia... with the earbuds in, your favorite tunes blasting, and Gwen Hayes' Oh Goddess in your lap, making you giggle and sigh. Is there anything sweeter?

Nope. Guess what I want for Valentine's Day?

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Gwen Hayes said...

maybe just Gwen Hayes sitting on your lap....

Shelley Munro said...

This reader looks great. I must admit I'm lusting after the Sony, but we can't get them in NZ. Grrrr!
Probably just as well - you're right. The price is steep.

Dara England said...

Awesome! Me likes it. Where to come up with the cash though? Maybe I should, I dunno, sell some books?

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