Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Weirdness

I have this... well, birthday weirdness thing working in my life. Tell me if this is wacked:

My father and Ahmed both have the same birthday. Our closest friend and one of my aunt's share the following day as birthday.

My mother and Ahmed's mother have the same birthday.

My godson and grandmother have the same birthday.

My very old and close friend Marc and Ahmed's sister have the same birthday.

My goddaughter and best friend from school have the same birthday.

My two closest girlfriends and my youngest brother have two kids each, same ages, birthdays within weeks of one another.

It happens a lot. Not just identical days, but very often I meet people with either my birthdate (May 28) or one that they share with a close friend or family member. Even mutual friends have started getting weirded out by it!

Today is my nephew's birthday and I logged on to his facebook page to discover a Romance Diva I have recently beome hooked on as a fan (Kate Pearce-- GREAT writer!) have the same birthday.

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Kate Pearce said...

Hopefully we're about the same age as well LOL My 6 yr old told me she thought I was 18-I liked that a lot!

lainey bancroft said...

My b-day, the 9th, same as my grandfather and MIL, married on the 9th, baby 1 born at 1:09 am 01-19-91, baby 2 born may 9th. My sisters 1st baby born 9 years later on the same day. Maybe not quite as many wierds as you have going, but tell me I haven't made it easy for dh to remember dates!

BTW, You have the same b-day as my dad. ;-)

Lia Morgan said...

My life is a lot like that. My mother and grandmother have the same birthday(1/25). I share my birthday (11/6) with my friend, Rachel. My SIL and two nieces have the same b-day 10/16, although the nieces are twins. Two more neices have 1/3/80 as a birthday, but they are not twins. My BF, Lee, and several friends, coworkers, and associates have 10/26 as a birthday. My husband has an unsual birthday, so I never expect ro see his. He was born on 2/29.

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