Monday, October 13, 2008

Technology Blows My Mind

It should not be possible for me to be typing this and posting it online at this moment. It should not be possible for me to get better internet access moving south on route 95 using ATT Connect Wifi and Ahmed's 2009 Jaguar XF's blue tooth connection adapter.

But here I am, en route to Boston from the Belgrade region of Maine. We are just past the MA border, moving along at the speed limit (snicker). And I have been online for the entire trip with a brief break early this morning for breakfast at the Waterville Governor's Restaurant (omg my total fave).

Technology blows me away. It's both awe-inspiring and a huge pain in the ass. I mean, yeah... I am ON THE INTERNET while my guy drives us back to Boston in time for lunch, putting the dogs out, and getting to Fenway in time for the game. And yeah, I am blogging about it. But I can't get decent access to anything in Green Harbor. (Do NOT talk to me about Verizon or Comcast. DON'T. Seriously.) And e-book technology is still refusing to be logical. I can read a pdf file on my mini laptop, which cost less than any ebook reader on the market and does laptop stuff, too, but the epubs and book marketers can't agree that a universal format and a reasonably priced reader might be a good idea. Not to mention the stupid books are overpriced, too.

Leaps, bounds, and landslides backward. Regardless... technology is certainly fun.

And Ahmed should give me this car. Because he loves me. Just sayin.

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