Monday, October 06, 2008

So Now I'm a Redhead

I needed something... fun, I guess... to cheer me up today. The usual crap, you know? I'm in the midst of a battery of tests that are not going to bring back good news, though they may deliver only-mostly-bad-news. Probably nothing end-of-the-world. Most likely an infection around my heart.

Well as Terry Pratchett would say, blow that for a lark. I need a lift-me-up. So I've gone RED!!

Granted, this is a crappy cellphone snapshot... and it doesn't look red. It looks brown with red in it. The actual color is pretty, though. Kind of a gingerbread auburn. Maybe two shades above my natural dark brown, but all gingery and nice.

So when do I get to learn the secret red-head handshake??

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