Monday, July 07, 2008

Trapped In Puter Hell

I'm not particularly good with being without my stuff. I love my stuff. Materialistic? You know... not really. I am a firm believer in saving, and in being responsible, and in priorities.

But I love my stuff!

SO for a nerd like me, being at my brother's nice little house on the beach for a few days, watching his rotten little dog Winston, is not a peaceful get-away. It's torture. I have to use somebody else's computer to access the internet unless I trot off to a hot spot. I'll certainly survive, but it sucks.

I like MY computers. They have MY bells and whistles and little quick-tricks installed, dammit. It is a nice reminder of how much I rely on these things. Recently having a laptop stripped, having to re-install many of my little darlings, I am more appreciative. I'm also glad I back stuff up regularly.

Pays to be anal sometimes. Shut up, you're not funny.

Anyway, it does suck, but the other night two idiots who thought the dunes (site of more local deflowerings than any limo fleet on earth) were a great and private place to get it on. They noticed how they have nice hollows and rises. They did not, apparently, notice how all the houses on the lip of the dunes are two stories or more, have upstairs decks, and very often feature telescopes.

So the neighbors and I got a free show, anyway. Hasn't been a total loss. Though I will worry about that young man's backside for a while. I doubt he paused to apply sunscreen to it.

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