Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Praise of the Boob Tube

Am I the lamest person alive over the age of 20 or what? I seriously love television. It may be a throw back to the years I spent as a film critic. I do a lot of DVD viewing, and I try to catch an occasional flick. But weather, life, all that keeps me from seeing more than a movie or two a month, and I do miss it. So let's blame the loss of that much beloved career for my new favorite thing: TELEVISION!

Ooooh the fall season is coming. There have been so many new shows hyped. I'd love to hear what my pals in blogland are all tweaked up over. Here's my list.

Most Anticipated Old Favorites:

Project Runway
Boston Legal (still, but they're pushing it)
The Tudors (next spring?)
Dexter (gawd, so addicted!)
Extreme Home Makeover (shut up, it makes me cry)

Most Curious About:

New Amsterdam
Cane (very interesting... and Jimmy is so pretty!)
Bionic Woman (oh shut up, you know you're at least curious)
Dirty, Sexy Money (the men alone...)
Journeyman (hey, maybe they'll send him so far back in time he goes back to Rome???)

Stuff I Still Miss OR
It's MY Blog and I'll Sulk If I Want To:

West Wing
Book of Daniel (don't get me started)
Gilmore Girls (shut up)
The Sapranos (I think I was the last person to cave and the only person in the world to like the ending)
Rome (waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)

So what has you salivating? What do you miss? Got any hot tips? SHARE!

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Jane said...

I look forward to Lost! And Smallville, (shaddup yo face) and Of course, House, Kathy Griffin, (gotta have one of those annoying guilty pleasure shows;))and my most favorite, 24. The ones I miss are Sex and the City, La Femme Nikita and Firefly. Firefly, if you've never watched it, is definitely something you should get on DVD, along with the movie Serenity. :)

Morgan St. John said...

I watch Miami Vice regularly on Sleuth...

MacGuyver NEVER should have ended... not Silk Stockings, either.

I look forward to The Biggest Loser again...I lose about ten pounds every fall/winter being inspired.

Psych is my newest pick me up and I do love a good laugh...that one along with the NBC line up...scrubs, used to be better. The Office, hilarious. Earl, I know those people, i've lived near them the majority of my adult life.

ER MUST DIE!!!!!!!!

i know i'm missing shows.
but that's the jist of it.

Anonymous said...

The new season of Prison Break!

And there's some show called blood and something that is about a vampire and a PI that I know I will have to wrestle The Man for the remote in order to watch. Then he'll probably complain all the way through it.

I am also deleriously happy that MuchMusic is playing reruns of The OC.

I'd love to see a few old episodes of the Gilmore Girls...but only the ones with Sebastian Bach in them (um, drool)

Chrissy said...

It's really good to know I am not alone!


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