Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cedar Point Light

Recently Tower and Well (my photography business) was contracted by a local business association to take some scenic photographs. They purchased several after reviewing the entire set. I am particularly fond of the photographs of the Cedar Point Lighthouse in Scituate. Minot Light, another local lighthouse, gets lots of press, but the quiet dignity and crisp white silhouette of Cedar Point Light somehow feels more a natural part of the landscape.Beginning next month Tower and Well will be offering matted, framed prints of local scenery. Current art prints are available upon request. I plan to create a blog skin and web template set soon using the light image.

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Annalee Blysse said...

Congrats. Lovely Shot.

Anonymous said...

Good shot!!! I always wanted to publish some of my photographs, particuarly some I've taken of the Capital during my time in Washington, but I've always been too shy to do it and too afraid that everybody will think I am too amateurish to do stuff like that :)

BTW.....lighthouses are very phallic!!!!! LOL

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