Friday, February 16, 2007

A Burning Backyardigan Question

Some mysteries just drive us all insane. Lately my routine two days a week has included doses of The Backyardigans. Have you seen them? I've included a snapshot of the gang. My nephews love them and I must admit to having developed a fondness for the soft, high voices as they sing both the catchiest theme song in history and many pop-tune style numbers during the show. It's a little embarrassing to be caught singing away at Stop and Shop, but the occasional grin of sympathy from another adult clearly caught in Backyardigan world, too, is somehow gratifying.

But there is something of a... well, a mystery afoot. There are five Backyardigans. They are:

Tyrone (moose), Pablo (penguin), Uniqua (nobody knows what she is), Tasha (hippo), and Austin (kangaroo).

In each episode four Backyardigans appear. There are five. Very often the "missing" Backyardigan is Tasha, but sometimes Austin vanishes, too. I have searched the net and can't find a reason. I have thought... considered... and now this is starting to fester. Does Homeland Security know about this? Is it a conspiracy? If anyone out there knows, please tell me.

It's bad enough I sing the stupid songs when I'm foodshopping. I can't be losing sleep over this stuff!

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Michelle said...

My kids watch this show and I've never noticed that before. Hmmm. I do know those damn songs stick in my head forever! LOL

Diana Castilleja said...

My son use to watch them... And I did notice that often, one is on vacation for an episode. Have no idea why, though.

Not much help there, I know.

Amanda Brice said...

Hmmm...that's a good point! I'd watched it a few times and assumed there were only 4 Backyardigans and was very surprised when I tried to buy the stuffed animals at Target for my niece and nephew for Christmas, only to discover that there were 5!

Um, could it all be a dream sequence of some sort?

Eva Gale said...

I'm Queen Tasha and I rule the whole backyard! I'm rule everything! It's really not that hard...

That's my favorite one.

As for the missing Backyardagains-maybe they're off scouting the next shows adventures? Maybe they're having illicit affairs?
You never know...

Marcus Unrealius said...

It's code. Homeland Security is sending messages through the Hippo.

Be afraid... be VERY afraid!

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