Thursday, December 14, 2006

Romance Diva Withdrawal Syndrome

I am experiencing a severe case of RDWS- Romance Diva Withdrawal Syndrome. For the past day or so the Romance Divas Forum has been down. It's not like I can't handle this, but frankly it makes my day less sunny and fun. Plus it's not like it was taken away gradually... this was a cold turkey thing and I'm experiencing a slight tremor.

Not to worry, I'm sure it will pass. But when I cruised through Starbucks today I did order a Venti Latte with an extra shot as a backup booster. The gal at the drive-through (who had to shout over Max's hysterics, as usual) asked why. It's a little scary that they know my order patterns so well, and worry over any deviation. I explained that I was without Ahmed for a few days and my favorite daily distraction was out for repair or some such.

"Wow, imagine if we were closed, too." She had the audacity to laugh.

I seriously thought about asking for my tip back. That sh*t isn't funny.

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Eva Gale said...

Chrissy, I forgot which cool camera you bought recently?
Could you tell me? I loved the picts it took.

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