Thursday, October 12, 2006

Updates and Upgrades and Upchucks, Oh My!

Iknow I have been scarce of late. A short but seemingly successful battle with cancer put me off my feet for a while, followed by a short but UNsuccsessful battle with Earthlink, who apparently needs nearly a month to type my location into a computer screen and activate a DSL account. Actually, they must need closer to a year, since the very-expensive-account has yet to surface. Hopefully, when Comcast comes to town next month, I will be freed from the bonds of dial-up.

Still in recovery. A lot of my hair fell out, so I got a short cut from Project Pheonix, which provides spa-day make-overs for people livng with cancer. I'm also trying a new hair-regeneration program for women who have lost hair to cancer and other medical treatments. I can't really tell is it's working. Stay tuned.

Everything-- and I do mean EVERYTHING-- is on the back burner for now. But it's good to be able to type at my trusty Dell.


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Eva Gale said...

! That's why you were gone for a bit? Oh my lord I am so sorry. But I bet Ahmed was wonderful and I'm happy you have him. (and Max, but don't let his weetle head blow up with the comment)

Get well.

Chrissy said...

Thank you!!

Feeling very well indeed and Max is getting plenty of attention tonight from the trick or treaters.

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