Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reviews and Thanks

This past month has been extremely challenging. After suffering a very minor stroke and having some rather significant reactions to my drug program, I was "down" for a little while, and several things got away from me. I'm back now, and I'd like to thank my crews at Romance News and Clan Destiny for their support. I can always count on my girls.

Two terrific Divas had wonderful reviews at Romance News. Check out the E-Book section to read Ellie McBride's response to their work.

Special thanks to Maria Alvarez, who was an absolute TROOPER, and, of course, my partner in crime, Susan Schulman.

I was lucky enough to get three of the best books to review this month. S'good to be the Editor!

Kushiel's Scion

by Jacqueline Carey

I have been in love with Carey since her Kushiel series, but wasn't crazy about the Banewreaker kick-off. She's back in Phedre's world with this new trilogy, following the story of Imriel, adopted son of Phedre and Jocelyn-- Mellisande's biological son. Check it out, it was fabulous. You can read my full review at this location.

On the Way to the Wedding

by Julia Quinn

I love Julia Quinn! One of those authors who has never sold me a bad book, and I remain loyal. Her Bridgerton series is done with this last installment, Gregory's story. It was hard to see them go, I love them all. Read my full review at this location.

Dark Side of the Moon

by Sherilynn Kenyon

Sometimes I feel like Ms. Kenyon knows me... or I know her. I've been a fan for a long time, and will always be one. This latest Dark Hunter novel was not a favorite, but was a good read. Interesting new direction with the series! Read my full review at this location.

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