Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Best Romances... EVER

I have had my share of fun-poking this past week, but I do so love good romance. In that spirit, I am borrowing from some friends at Romantic Times, where this discussion about favorites got quite interesting. Here, in my professional and personal opinion, are the best:

Off the top of my head:

Jude Devereaux's Historicals... particularly the Velvet Series.

Everything Johanna Lindsay has ever written. Seriously.

The "War" series by Elizabeth Vaughan.

Julie Garwood's historicals... although the later ones not so much.

Everything Eloisa James has ever written. Seriously.

Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught.

Everything Sherrilyn Kenyon/ Kinley MacGregor has ever written. Seriously.

Bride of the MacHugh, My Lord Monleigh, and My Enemy, My Love by Jan Cox Speas. (I had them rebound.)

Red Adam's Lady by Grace Ingram... GOOD LUCK FINDING IT!

Everything Julia Quinn has ever written. Seriously. Also the Whistledown collection books (I and II).

Ondine by Shannon Drake

Lynn Veihl's vampire novels.

Anne Rice's vampire novels*... though I find her erotica under both pen names painfully bad. (Non-romance/erotic note: her new series on the life of Christ is astonishing.)

Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry books.

The Kushiel series by Jacquelyn Carey.*

The Dragon Prince series by Melanie Rawn.*

The Tiger and Del series by Jennifer Roberson.*

*These are not, technically, romance, but probably the most romantic books I have ever read and AMAZINGLY well crafted... so I have included them.

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Debora said...

Love all those that you picked - most are on my list of favs as well! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Julia Quinn at a conference - she is so sweet and down to earth - she had lots of great advice too!

Babe King said...

So if you love all the books they wrote seriously, what about the ones they wrote for fun? :-)

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