Thursday, April 27, 2006

Save Your Sanity Now

Tonight I was reading a forum for readers and came across a thread about where people like to read. It brought to mind one of my favorite tips for remaining sane. I do this probably once a year, and it has kept me from killing several people.

  • Find a clean, comfortable, but inexpensive hotel. AAA can help. If you have a vacation home this will also work, but do not tell your family where you are going.

  • Buy a huge bag of novels. Four or five. Splurge.

  • Buy lots of junk food. If you can't get a hotel room with a coffee maker get a cheap one-cupper at the discount store and borrow a mini-frig.

  • Pack only clothing you would rather not be seen wearing. (This is important... it will keep you from doing something constructive and potentially spoiling the trip.)

  • Check in. Pig out. Read til your eyes hurt.

  • Return home refreshed, renewed, and temporarily sane.

  • THIS WORKS. It's not even that expensive. It costs far less than a funeral.

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