Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blogger Tips and Tricks, Too!

OK, so I promised, and now I deliver! Call me DOMINOES, baby... the Blogger Tips and Trickspage is up and running at WebSong.


The Big Font trick (seen above).

The Cool Image Aligned Beside Text Trick (see below).


I know I need help, but come on... my dog ADORABLE? WHOSAPUGGYBABYDEN? WHOIS? YOUIS! Silly example, I know, but this looks rockin' in a review with the book cover.

The Cool Magazine Floaty-Text Trick:

yeah... oh yeah... that looks wicked! like New Yorker magazine!

Ever wish your blog looked way cooler than everyone else's blog? Well... what are you waiting for? Get over to WebSong!

And those are just a few examples. Go, jump a link, hop a page, surf a wave...

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Karen said...

Love the tips Chrissy. Thanks for sharing!

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