Monday, August 22, 2005

Gifts from Afar

My darling-in-law Khalid travels. He makes his home in England, but makes the rounds to just about everywhere, and has the delightful habit of sending me gifts from his most recent sojourn.

As most people who read my work or know me are aware, I am a cameo collector. The word "collector" is really misleading, to be honest. My passion for carved shell cameos is a bit of an obsession. I adore them. They often make me weep. eBay is making a killing on me, and I'm not complaining.

Anyway... dear Khalid sent me the most gorgeous pair of cameo earrings set in heavy twisted silver. The ladies are in perfect mirrored profile. They are weighty enough to drag down my slightly curved up earlobes (which thrills me) and are a touching gift from a touching man.

He's very lucky to be married to a wonderful woman, otherwise he'd never be able to walk the streets unmolested, this guy. His son didn't get it from the wind.

Thanks, Khaji-babu! You are the best.

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