Thursday, April 07, 2011

Joe Abercrombie to Interview George RR Martin

I recently caved to ages of pressure and began reading Joe Abercrombie. I started with The Blade Itself, and must say I love the voice and movement, but am struggling a little with the plot-hopping. It seems to be narrowing into a tighter focus as I go, and I'm suspecting I will be won over in a chapter or two. I have almost completely worn myself out on romance, with a few exceptions. Lately I crave good, old school fantasy. I blame Patrick Rothfuss.

Naturally I found my way to Mr. Abercrombie's blog. I was delighted to find an announcement that he will be interviewing George RR Martin soon in LA. (See his post about it HERE.) Martin is another author I was forced, at gunpoint, to discover. I will forever be grateful to Pete Rush for that introduction.

Martin has become an auto-buy, and one of the first purchases I made for my Kindle were his Game of Thrones novels. Martin is looming as a big deal on tv lately, doncha know. I've become a blog-stalker, to be honest. Any writer I love who blogs is going to have to take out a web-restraining-order.

I simply had to share this with the rest of the world... two great dudes who should be great together... like chocolate and peanutbutter!

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