Monday, August 17, 2009

Red Sox School of Common Sense

Sometimes somebody has an idea so brilliant I'm stunned to find that bureaucrats and whiners haven't ruined it. Take the following story out of my own beloved Fenway Park. Today students from around the city of Boston kicked off their trip from grade school to junior high (one of the scary transitions in their young lives) from a special location: FENWAY.

Mayor Menino (not a fan, but even a busted clock is right twice a day) and the Red Sox teamed up to let kids making the transition to middle school this year complete their orientation at the national treasure, complete with a tour, snacks, lunch, and all the other stuff they were, at least this morning, worrying about. The sparkling majesty of Fenway distracted thousands of kids from their anxiety. Our Sox are on the road this week, so the kids got to run the joint. They got backpacks and Fenway Franks for lunch.

These days the news seems over-run with stupid moves by government or community officials. But a great idea that did great good at no taxpayer cost? How bout them Red Sox?!

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Nikki said...

That makes me like the Sox even more, nearly as much as I like them when they pound those damn yankess.

Chelley said...

Finally, paying for something that makes sense. I think...

We only have the Pelican's Minors here. hm.

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