Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dead, Dead, DEAD

He's not been dead long, and already idiots are attempting to soften his street rep. We are supposed to feel some sort of chagrin, I suppose, at hearing that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi lived approximately an hour after US troops attempted to blow him to smitherines. NBC was careful to point out that the Iraqi leader of al-Qaeda's autopsy showed no signs of physical abuse.

Pity, that.

So the man who personally beheaded innocents is dead, and may have lingered after a bombing. Cry me a river. Americans were, for the most part, spared the gruesome videos so gleefully circulated by Al Jazeera. Zarqawi executed people who did him absolutely no harm. Beheading is not the quick, clean slice we see in movies. It requires effort, and takes time. Victims of this hideous and cowardly act suffer greatly.

I feel no sense of moral relief to know that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi survived the bombing but was not abused. Our good men and women in uniform are far more merciful than I, and thank heavens they are. Because every time a soldier twitches the wrong way he or she is accused of an atrocity, as if war were not an atrocity in and of itself. We are attempting to rid the world of people who slaughter innocents with glee. We do so under the watchful eye of jackasses who cloak themselves in self righteous outrage while pointing fingers at everyone from the president to the men dodging bullets in a war zone uglier than anything we have known in our lifetimes.

Most of the media-left is gravely predicting that Zarqawi will be replaced and this will cause an increase in violence. News flash: the violence will increase until its source is depleted enough to make this impossible. The West continues to report on the war against terror as though terrorists thought like New York Times columnists. They don't. Fanatics think only of their obsession, and their desire for blood has an ON/OFF switch, but does not have a speed setting.

They also like to claim that Bin Ladin had/has no connection to Iraq. Which is odd, because Zarqawi's replacement addressed him directly immediately upon seizing power. Al-Muhajir made remarks to Bin Ladin, identifying him by name, in his first statement. "We await your signal and follow your orders, and we give you the good tidings that morale is high among your soldiers."

Huh. Weird. They weren't even supposed to know one another.

The good men and women at CNN gravely inform us that Zarqawi was alive for 52 minutes after the bombing. Wolf Blitzer sagely imparts the surprising news that autopsy reports indicate members the finest trained military in the world didn't torture the sonofabitch prior to his death. Carefully schooled relief just oozes from his pores.

Know what? I hope reports are wrong. I hope tracks and asses were completely covered, but I also hope Zarqawi was alive, suffering, and that the last thing he saw was a great big combat boot heading straight for his bloody noggin.

America must always put forth a face of compassion. That doesn't mean I can't be thinking something entirely different behind that stagnant mask. I would feel an absolute gush of patriotism to know somebody had kicked that filthy weasel while he was down.

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